Early 19th-century Indian Silk Rug

Early 19th-century Indian Silk Rug


194 x 144 cm / 6'5''x 4'9''


Beautiful small Moghul carpet with a finely woven silk pile on a silk foundation with multi-coloured silk warps. The dye for the blueish red flower heads is derived from the lac insect. The  regular distribution of the flower heads forms a repetitive pattern, often called a Zile Sultan design, on a light ground. The simplicity of the colour scheme, which is lac red, off-white and a very light green with abrash into a very light turquoise, is a major reason for the timeless elegance of this silk rug. Multiple borders with varying floral patterns enclose the white-ground field.

This is a rare and elegant example of a late Moghul-period carpet.

Small areas of slightly low pile in the borders, minor repairs to the bottom guard stripe, otherwise very good condition