Decorative antique Turkish Ushak carpet


Decorative antique Turkish Ushak carpet


440 cm x 370 cm


This Turkish Ushak, or Oushak,  carpet is a decorative, room size furnishing carpet with a somewhat lived-in look. It was made in one of the big centres of carpet production in western Turkey in the early 2oth century.

Two columns of six large blue flower heads arranged in three pairs of semi circles facing each other flank a central column of interconnecting lozenges. They are, in turn, flanked by inward facing half-lozenges repeating the design of the central column. The colour scheme of the open, all over design is a powdery, slightly grey blue and green and off white/beige, all on a pale pink ground. The same colours define the multiple borders, including the main border on a blue ground with pink cartouches and light green leaf patterns.

It is very slightly low in places and has some repairs, but is generally in good pile. Wool pile on a wool foundation