Clouds 6 by Jan Kath

Clouds 6 by Jan Kath


240 x 170 cm


Cloud 6 by Jan Kath is part of the Heiter Bis Wolkig series.

The introduction to Jan’s catalogue of the series, with the subtitle Celestial Rug Art by Jan Kath, states: “Jan Kath was inspired by the works of the baroque painters of the 16th and 17th centuries, who he discovered on his travels through the Alpine region. The artists captured a piece of idealized sky in the domes of magnificent churches. The Dutch masters and their archaic sea battles in oil also influenced this collection.”

Cloud 6 is a wonderful example of such an idealized and dramatic sky. The fine weave and material mix of wool and silk, together with a very large number of different shades of colour allow for a fine pixelation which communicates the nuances that make the picture come alive.

The sky is under your feet.

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