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Persian Azeri Sofreh

Persian Azeri Sofreh

reference:  OV 18.6

Sofrehs are flat woven cloths to be used either on the floor to spread food on (these sofrehs are usually rectangular, varying in size according to the wealth of the host and the number of diners), or as bread (or flour) sofrehs  used in the process of bread making to make the dough on and to keep the bread in.  Sofrehs in this latter group are usually quite small, about  a metre square, and follow a fairly simple  design of concentric borders around a plain field or a field containing one central, usually geometric, design element, as in this contemporary piece.

Like the other sofreh on this website  it is a kelim from Persian Azerbaijan, with the weft made of wool and the warp  in cotton.

Cf also: Tanavoli, Parviz, Bread and Salt. Iranian Tribal Spreads and Salt Bags. Translated by Shirin Samii. Tehran, Ketab Sara Publishers, 1991


95 x 97 cm