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Contemporary Azeri Sofreh

Contemporary Azeri Sofreh

reference:  OV18.5

This contemporary sofreh was made by an Azeri weaver from Persian Azerbaijan. Small and square in size (92 x 92 cm), it is a modern-day version of a bread sofreh. These were traditionally used to make the bread on (which is why they are also called flour sofrehs) or to keep the bread in. The design follows the traditional format of a central geometrical motif on a plain ground, enclosed by often concentric borders or, as in this case, arrow-like lines pointing towards the centre. The materials used are also in keeping with tradition: wool for the weft and cotton for the warp. Though similar to the other sofrehs on this website ( and  , and easily recognisable as a type, it is still a unique piece of weaving which can be used as a kelim on the floor.

For further reading see: Tanavoli, Parviz, Bread and Salt. Iranian Tribal Spreads and Salt Bags. Tehran, Ketab Sara Publishers, 1991.


92 x 92 cm / 3'x 3'