Antique Persian Kurdish Sanjabi Rug

Antique Persian Kurdish Sanjabi Rug


250 x 142 cm / 8'2''x 4'8''


This Kurdish Sanjabi rug from the Kurdish part of Iran dates to about 1900.

The field design is a sequence of four rows of two concentric hooked lozenges in a hexagonal shape, with a smaller version of these hexagons in a line up the central axis of the rug. These rows are separated by horizontal chains of stepped geometric shapes with a quartered diamond in the centre. Several animals,  small squares and simple quatrefoil  designs are randomly scattered throughout the field. The ground colour of the field is a dark blue, which sets off the multi-coloured ornaments very dramatically.

Another rug on this website (see follows the same format, but has a stronger dominance of yellow as opposed to the pink in the piece in hand. The borders, too, are different, with this rug having three borders of similar ‘weight’ and simple geometric designs.

The rug is woven in wool on a wool foundation and is in very good condition.