Central Asian Ikat of the 19th Century

30/9 – 21/10

19th-Century Ersari Main Carpet


19th-Century Ersari Main Carpet


312 210 cm / 10'3''x 6'11''


This 19th-century Ersari main carpet dates to the third quarter of that century.

It has the great quality of dyes and wool that makes Ersari main carpets of that age so desirable: a very warm, deep red, which is nicely abrashed, a range of blues and, importantly, a strong green and yellow, the latter, in particular, usually a sign of good age.

The design of the field consists of three columns of six large gulli guls. The secondary elements alternate between diamond shapes made up of diamonds with a cruciform centre, all set on the plain red field, and four-and-one squares creating a cruciform shape. This strong geometrical feature is echoed in the border, which is accentuated by a fairly liberal use of undyed white wool.

The carpet is woven in wool on a wool foundation, with a brown weft, and goat hair on the sides. It has a few minor repairs and an area of slight wear but is overall in very good condition, with the original red and blue kelim ends still intact.